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A combination of state of the art software and equipment along with many years’ automotive experience makes Rippin Remaps your ideal choice for ECU remapping throughout Warwickshire.

One call to us and we’ll be with you at your home or business premises to provide a performance or economy remap to your car, light van, 4WD, SUV - in fact, most types of vehicle.

We don’t make silly claims about what an ECU remap can do for you; suffice to say it’s almost certain to improve your vehicle’s performance or economy (often both) and provide engine performance tailored to your needs and your vehicle’s operating conditions.

ECU remapping is a respected way of enhancing the performance and economy of engines if done properly; choosing an expert who uses the ultimate in remapping technology is key and that’s exactly what Rippin Remaps offer.

Manufacturers have to ensure their models work well in a multitude of environments and driving styles so are set up in a ‘one size sits all’ fashion; remapping is your chance to ensure your car or light van is providing the best possible performance and economy by being tailored to your particular circumstances.

Don’t take our word for it: many motoring publications and watchdogs endorse remapping.

what-is-remapping-and-is-it-worthwhile? Hear what a leading money saving expert has to say

How can remapping benefit you?

Performance tuning

Far from simply making your vehicle go a bit faster or eke out a higher top speed, a performance remap generally improves the driving characteristics of your car or van - you’ll likely benefit from the following:

  • Smoother acceleration - no flat spots or hesitancy in the rev range
  • More power instantly available - through sharper throttle response
  • More pulling power - through increased torque
  • Improved safety - sharper acceleration and more power helps you pull away quickly from tight situations
  • Fuel economy - you’ll likely save fuel thanks to a more efficient engine
  • Tailored performance - to a degree we can base the remap on your preferred options

Economy tuning

If your priority is improving fuel economy, a remap focusing on saving fuel will help. The key is a remap to reflect the conditions your vehicle operates in and that’s exactly what Rippin Remaps can offer so you’ll benefit from:

  • Using less fuel - the primary objective achieved through remapping to suit your vehicle
  • Lower costs - an economy remap will soon recoup its costs as you spend less at the pumps
  • Improved drivability - it’s likely you’ll notice smoother acceleration amongst other aspects
  • Performance gains - there’s a good chance that a by product of an economy remap will be improved pulling power and sharper acceleration
  • Emissions - your vehicle will likely be more environmentally friendly through a reduction in CO2 emissions

How much can I save?

A considerable amount.

Consider this example:

1. Our economy remap is around £220 (maximum price) and could improve fuel economy by a minimum of 10%
2. Based on fuel costing around the £1.20 mark per litre
3. If you do around 10,000 miles per year (the typical average) and average 50 MPG before your remap you’d use around 200 gallons of fuel per year
4. After your remap, if your fuel economy improves by 10% you’d get 55 MPG so annual fuel consumed drops to approximately 180 gallons so saving nearly £100 per year
5. Your remap would cover its costs after at most two years - likely less if fuel goes up in price

Other related services

Two other services can be combined with an ECU remap or specified individually:

DPF removal

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is designed to help modern diesel engines meet ever more stringent emission regulations. They work by catching the particulates produced by diesels and then keep themselves clear by a process called ‘regeneration’.

Effective regeneration can only be achieved by the engine running for prolonged periods at its optimum operating temperature; if it doesn’t such as in the case of vehicles covering many shorter start/stop journeys the DPF can become severely clogged. Engine performance will suffer markedly and it’s likely the ‘DPF warning’ will light up on the dashboard.

Replacing the DPF can be expensive - four figures isn’t uncommon - but help is at hand as our remap would save considerably on replacement costs as we do a software deletion but the filter can stay in place.

EGR removal

As part of its anti-emission technology, a modern diesel engine will have a EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system with a valve playing an important part in routing exhaust gases. Unfortunately the valve can become clogged and stuck open or closed so affecting engine performance, and replacement can be expensive.

We can help at a much reduced rate by performing a software deletion which will remove the influence of the valve without any mechanical work being required.

Arranging your remap

A small deposit will secure your remap appointment at a time and location in Warwickshire convenient for you by visiting our contact page.

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