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Performance tuning

In our book performance means more than simply a higher top speed and quicker acceleration, it’s also about improving the overall driving characteristics of your engine so you experience the following benefits:

  • Improved pulling power - thanks to increased torque
  • Smoother acceleration and power delivery - through eliminating ‘flat spots’
  • More power ‘on tap’ - through a sharper throttle response
  • Possible improved fuel economy - as your engine will be running more efficiently
  • Improved safety - extra power and improved throttle response will help you accelerate out of difficulties
  • Tailor made - we can tailor your remap based on your particular requirements to a certain extent, so it’s not an ‘all or nothing’ option

Economy tuning

Manufacturers have to ensure their models can be used in all sorts of climates, driving conditions and by all sorts of drivers so it’s very much a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to factory ECU settings.

Our remapping can ensure your vehicle can provide the best possible economy based on the specific conditions you encounter day to day, and you’ll benefit from:

  • Improved fuel economy - thanks to a remap suited to your specific conditions
  • Environmental - possible improvements in CO2 emissions due to a more efficient engine
  • Likely performance improvements - you’ll notice sharper throttle response and increased driveability
  • Improved driving characteristics - for example smoother acceleration
  • Lower costs - an economy remap will soon pay for itself in fuel savings

How much fuel can I save?

You’ll certainly notice the difference.

Consider this example:

1. A Remap by Rippin Remaps costs between £180 and £220 improving fuel economy by an average of 10%
2. Assume fuel costs around £1.20 per litre
3. If you cover the typical average mileage of 10,000 per year and achieve 50 MPG before your remap you’d use some 200 gallons of fuel each year
4. After your remap, if your fuel economy improves by 10% you’d achieve 55 MPG so reducing your fuel used to circa 180 gallons saving nearly £100 annually
5. Your remap would cover its costs after at most two years - less if fuel goes up in price, with the added bonus of enhanced driveablity over the same period

Other services

We offer other related services with an ECU remap:

EGR removal

An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is a common part of a modern diesel engine in the quest to reduce emissions. The valve at the heart of the EGR can become clogged over time so significantly affecting engine performance, and replacement is costly.

We can help solve this by a remap which will remove the valve’s influence by effectively deleting it via software without having to physically remove it.

DPF removal

The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is another component designed to combat diesel engine emissions and filters out the particulates produced by diesel combustion. The DPF keeps itself clear through ‘regeneration’ but this depends on the engine being run at optimum operating temperature on a regular basis.

If this isn’t the case and the vehicle is used for shorter trips where the engine only occasionally reaches operating temperature, the DPF can’t clear itself and becomes clogged. This will eventually significantly affect engine performance and you’ll likely see the DPF warning light illuminate on your dashboard.

A replacement DPF is expensive, often running into four figures. Our remap can save you this considerable expense through a software deletion.  Additional cost will be incurred as minor vehicle modifications need to take place as well as the remap itself.

How to arrange your remap

A small deposit may be required in some areas to cover travel cost (deductible from the final bill) to secure your remap appointment at a time and location convenient to you by contacting us.

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